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Barber Shop

Matraxia—Three generations of barbers

  • 1930      Philip Matraxia
  • 1954      Francis Gino Matraxia
  • 1977      Philip Matraxia

Gino graduated from the Philadelphia Institute of Barbering. He studied under many great barber stylists; did hair analysis and treatments, as well as styling and hair replacements.

Phil graduated from the Lehigh Valley Barber College and studied Roffler sculptor techniques. Phil is a great barber stylist.

We do it all.

Ask and you shall receive your personalized cut and style by either Gino or Phil, barber stylists.

    All types of cuts:

    • Buzz
    • Taper
    • Edging
    • Taper
    • Shape
    • Texturize
    • Cut
    • Sculpting
    • Shaping
    • Texturizing

*We also offer American Crew products, Biolage Hair Replacement wigs and other products and services.


Right Inside the Matraxias shop
See our mini Barber Museum with historical items such as:

  • Late 1700s Spring Loaded Brass Encased Fleam
    (Blood letting tool of the Barber Surgeon)
  • 5 Barber Chairs (1890 – 1900)
  • 13 Barber Poles
  • 5 Barber Chairs (1890 – 1900)
  • Gas Hair Dryer (1920)
  • Plus much more