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We were trained to make hair replacements from scratch. So, for many years, we designed custom hair replacements, created and designed templates, cut, sized, serviced and styled units; adding hair when needed and conditioning the pieces.

Now, we have manufacturers that pre-style the wigs, made from fibers that feel like hair, the right denier and does not oxidize, as human hair does. Best of all they cost less.

Today we have found manufacturers that pre-style wigs of fibers that feel like hair, have the right denier, and do not oxidize as human hair does, and costs less.

Visit our exciting store and see the most popular styles on the market today. Discover our new softer caps with a silken feel and customized fit. Now, every woman with a sensitive scalp can enjoy the comfortable natural beauty they desire.

No need to pay for styling fees. Many of these styles, you simply shake and wear. We will show you how to maintain your hair.

What is a Monofilament Wig?

The hairs are attached by hand, knotted one strand at a time and breathe while worn.

Are Monofilament wigs right for you?

We invite you to come in and see for yourself!